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Company Culture

Founded in the year of 1993, NORYA puts Original design, Quality, Efficiency, and Environmental friendliness as our four top business priorities. Each of our original collections are designed with the guideline of modern minimalistic trend, and have been sold to every major cities in China, on top of 62 other countries. The structural design of our furniture allows customers to design and construct their very own personal space. Our current collections include: D3, D5 Walnut, D5 Oakwood, D6, and Blackwood collections, which spans across furnitures sutable for dining room, living room, reading room, and bedroom.

Company History

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Dating back to the year of 1995, when the furniture trend within China was dominated by solid wood material, NORYA introduced chipboard furniture into the Chinese market. Our products were quickly followed by the yonge generation and westernized crowd in China, demand increased exponentially and NORYA adjusted itself by quick expansion and categorization of different collections.

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By the end of 1996, NORYA achieved flexibility for furniture pieces installation by intensification production system management. From 19997 to 1999, NORYA refined its brandname image with slogans of "promoting ergonomical office environment" and “NORYA is a choice of life-style". Exponential growth of sales were accomplished with fast expanded number of satellite stores across all different cities in China. NORYA became a well-known furniture company in China, with most constumers coming from ages between 30 to 45.

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In the year of 2000, NORYA's effort emphasized on products' durability and the meeting of the International Environmental E1 standards by carefully selecting and crafting wooden and metal material used within our products, providing satisfaction to China's growing demand of zero-pollution home environment. In 2001, NORYA improved its logistic system to optimized efdiciency, and reintroduced panel packing style for the ease of shipping and handling, making shopping at NORYA as easy as shopping in any supermarket.

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Between 2001 and 2002, NORYA successfully joined in the international furniture exhibition in Guangzhou. Products exported to Japan and many middle-eastern countries, on top of over 60 satellite store within China. Products included up to 12 individual collections.

In May of 2003, NORYA's second factory successfully built and open in Guangdong. Consequently winning 4 international furniture design awards, NORYA kept refining its design with the mindset of "Removing any part of a piece of furniture that is not furniture". Products included up to 12 individual collections.

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By the end of 2007, NORYA's flagship collection, D3 Space, boomed in sales, triggering expansion to 167 stores in China, on top of exports to over 40 countries across the 5 continents, including Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, England, France, Poland.

NORYA initiated it's online interior design software in 2008, allowing customers to visually design their own space in a 3D model on our website.

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Initiated Blackwood collection, a leading and award-winning collection that employed elm in furniture design.

As for right now, NORYA's satellite stores spans across every major cities in China, and is welcoming new franchises every month. With 19 year of history, NORYA is looking forward to influence more potential customers across the world.